In the Third Age, when Pallet City and the Alliance were still in their prime, the citizens of Pallet felt the need to innovate and do things never done before. This included many things such as the giant chicken-shaped chicken farm, air planes, cannons and even a knife that would later be used by Preksak. One of the least notable "innovations" was Gudbrandr's pet Enderman. Gudbrandr was (and still is) an Enderman worshipper, as they are the thief creatures, and his brothers. Trapping an Enderman, however, is a very difficult task, and it would be especially hard to get an Enderman to Gudbrandr's lab and basement thirty feet below the surface. To solve this, Gudbrandr appealed to the Old One at the time, Asymptonic, who obliged and gave him an Enderman Spawn Egg. Ecstatic, Gudbrandr hatched the little Ender and named it Ben Stein. Unfortunately, though, Ben Stein either de-spawned or ran away from home. His whereabouts are still unknown to this day, although it can be assumed that he was killed and his pearl was later used to activate the Thieves Guild generator.

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Enderman Spawn Egg


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