The worship of pigs was brought into existence by the Computernites. This religion centers around the worship of a giant pig that lives in the sky, known as "The Great Pig in The Sky". Sacrifices are regularly made by the Computernites to this diety, in hopes that it will honor them with gifts from the sky. Computernites regard their connection to the pig as paramount to their existence, insisting on being outside as much as possible and being as close to the sky as they can. A church dedicated to The Great Pig in The Sky, called The Holy Church of The Pig, can be found just outside the inner walls of Central City. It's high priest, "Tai", has undergone the transformation into a zombie pigman due to his closeness to the great pig. Two other town members, Artagan and capminecraft9, have transformed into Pigmen of a non-undead nature.


teh piggy

With the commencing of the construction of a great dome over Central, the residents have been distressed what with their impending loss of connection with the sky and, by extension, the pig. Therefore, on April 29th, the town members gathered together in the church and called on the great pig to speak to them through one of their number. One of the individuals who had become a pigman, Artagan, suddenly was possessed by the pig's spirit. Presenting itself directly to the residents of the town, the great pig had this to say:

"Greetings, mine children. I am Antioch, porcine traveller of the wide cosmos. I know of thy plight, and mine heart is greatly saddened; know this, however. This vessel, hereafter known as Artagan Antioch, shall be mine prophet and oracle, and shall speak mine words as I dictate them. As mine avatar and physical representation upon this realm, he shall be mine eyes and ears. I must leave you now, but know that I am with you."

The pig has yet to make any further direct contact with our world, and his followers continue to serve him zealously.

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