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Power Shards are a custom item and alongside Power Shard Clusters they are the official currency on Loka. They are the the smaller denomination of Power Shard Clusters used on Loka and can be crafted in to the larger variant Power Shard Clusters which are worth 8 shards.


Power Shards can be used for:

  • Powering town generators
  • Buying items off the player market
  • Buying items from spawn's NPCs


Power Shards can be obtained by using the ore exchanger in Aladra, a device that converts diamonds, emeralds, gold, lapis blocks, and iron into Power Shard Clusters and Power Shards.


The exchange rate for the various ores are as follows:

Ore Shard Value
Diamond 12
Emerald 8
Lapis Block 6
Gold 4
Iron 0.5