Proving Grounds is a non-rated sandbox arena for testing talents, skills, PvP tactics and so much more. Players are free to join and leave Proving Ground arenas as they please with no consequences, as the arenas are simply sandboxes for testing.

Proving Grounds features two identical maps. One for potion PvP, and one for talents PvP.

Queuing for Proving Grounds

Players are able to join Proving Grounds arenas from both Loka and Loka's hub.

Queuing From Loka

The command /pvp will open the PvP games menu. Once in the games window, left click the bow icon, then pick the type of proving grounds you wish to join. Currently the two options are Potion Proving Grounds and Talents Proving Grounds.


Queuing From Hub

When queuing from the hub you can access the games menu with the command /pvp or by right clicking with the blaze rod in your hand.

Spawning and Respawning

Players first spawn in on the territory generator, suspended in the centre of the map, and also respawn there after death. On this platform, players are invincible and cannot deal damage to others. They must jump down to the arena below before they can receive or deal damage. When jumping down from the generator platform, players do not take any fall damage.

Leaving Proving Grounds

To leave Proving Grounds, simply type the command /leave. This can be used at any time and there is no delay in leaving. Players do not lose or gain any ranking, score or points of any kind in Proving Grounds.

Potion Proving Grounds


Potion proving grounds is a sandbox arena where all players are given the ranked arenas potion pvp kit. This kit may be reorganised in Loka's hub inside the green building, in the first room on your right. When a player dies in potion proving ground, they will respawn with the original kit.

Talents Proving Grounds

Talents proving grounds is a sandbox arena where all players are able to test and try out talents and battlegrounds kits. A players current selection in /talents will be what they spawn in with when entering proving grounds. A player is able to change their talents at any point while in proving grounds with /talents. When a player dies in a talents proving ground, they will respawn with their original kit.

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