Start Point Talk to Kaurii in the building north of the town center.
Official Difficulty Novice
Length Short
Requirements Start First Aid
Items Required None
Enemies to defeat None


Step 1: Speaking to Kaurii


Speak to Kaurii in the building north of the town center. She will asking you to be a second set of eye to check out an anomaly to the east of the town.

Step 2: Exploring the Anomaly

Travel the path by Melchiott bread tent so that you are heading back to where you started From the Darkness. After you cross the bridge keep right so you head north-east rather then north up the mountain back to the slicer course. Continue north-eastward down the path till you find the anomaly.


Step 3: Discovering the Anomaly

As you follow the path you go through a small tunnel into a valley where the anomaly is located. You walk up to explore the Anomaly.


Step 4: The Experience........

After you intense experience with the anomaly you feel its urgent for you to explain what happen to Kaurii.

Step 5: Speaking to Kaurii

Speak to kaurii about your experience with the anomaly.

Quest Completed