Start Point: Talk to Dhanri at the Aladra Center
Official Difficulty Novice
Length Short
Requirements Complete First Aid
Items Required None
Enemies to defeat None


Step 1: Speaking to Dhanri

Cave entry

Speak to Dhanri at the center of Aladra. He will ask you to do a favor to find Derinus one of the researchers. Head to the southern portion of the island and then follow the coast heading eastward till you see a cave in the mountain.

Step 2: Entering the cave

One you find the cavern entrance you enter and find a ladder. Climb down the ladder to find Derinus.

Step 3: Speaking to Derinus

Speak to Derinus at the bottom the ladder. He will hand you some research notes to give to Dhanri.

Step 4: Head back to Dhanri

Head back to Dhanri in the center of Aladra. Give him the research notes.

Quest Completed