Start Point Talk To Moralleath At The Slicer Course Entrance
Official difficulty Novice
Length Short
Requirements None
Items Required None
Enemies to defeat None

Step 1: Speaking to Moralleath

Speak to Moralleath who is at the Entrance of the slicer course. She will welcome you to the island of Aladra and tell you to go speak to her friend Dhanri at the center of Aladra Island.

Step 2: Getting to Dhanri


Heading out of the slicer course you will encounter a path heading south west. Follow the path down till you reach Melchiott's bread tent. Turn left at his tent so you are facing south east and you will see Dhanri at the center of Aladra.

Step 3: Speaking to Dhanri

Speak to Dhanri at the center of Aladra Island introducing yourself to him. He finds out you came from the cave too like the rest.

Quest Completed.


Reward: Ability to start: No Place Like Home by talking to Dhanri at Aladra.

Guide made by: Mopyc