Start Point Talk To Dhanri at Aladra Center.
Official Difficulty Novice
Length Medium
Requirements None
Items Required Some food from Melchiott.
Enemies to defeat None


Step 1: Speaking To Dhanri

Speak to Dhanri who is at the center of Aladra. He will tell you to speak to one of the dock masters to choose a continent.

Step 2: The Dock Masters


From Dhanri you want to head north west towards the docks where the dock masters Araya of the Ascalon, Varennos of Garama, and Olrik of Kalros. Speak to all three of them to gain information of the 3 continents.

Step 3: Picking your Continent.

After you speak to all 3 dock masters pick either The Field for Ascalon, The Sand for Garama or The Icicle for kalros to head to the choosen continent.

Step 4: Continent Dock Master.

Congratulation you have arrived at your destination. Talk to either Urden of Ascalon, Drahn of Garama or Arvel of Kalros.


Step 5: Choosing a Home

After the dock master is done with you head out to the wilderness and claim an area for a house. You must travel atleast 250 blocks away from the port. /sethome

Step 6: Returning to Aladra

After you do /sethome you need to return to Aladra and tell Dhanri that you have settled. You can do this by doing /spawn near your home.

Quest Complete



  • Ability to /spawn within 50 blocks of your house.
  • Ability to use /spawn to tell you where your home is located if you get lost.
  • Ability to use /home at spawn to get to your home instantly
  • Ability to use /tpahere when within 50 blocks of your house.
  • Ability to start First Aid Quest
  • Ability to start Town and Country Quest