Creation and Function

Radars are territory buildings that towns can create in territories they own. Each radar costs 40 shards to create and takes 15 minutes to come online once placed. Only one radar can be placed in a territory. Radars will alert a player's town if a player enters a territory with a radar, showing that player's coordinates. Additionally, a player who trips a radar will receive a notification alerting them to the fact that they have been picked up by the radar.

Attacking Radars

Radars can be destroyed by other players. When approached by a player not in the town, a town protector will spawn from the radar to defend it. If it is killed, the player will become charged and can stand next to the redstone lamp to overload it. Once fully overloaded the radar will be destroyed and have to be replaced by the town.
2019-02-20 19.10.59

An active radar.

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