Raiders, pirates, thieves, murderers, dem peeps who be killin' yo homies- all in one group. The server mostly calls them jerkfacesmcspazatrons, but they have another name for themselves- well, they probably use atleast one of the names mentioned above. There are special classes to these folk: Newb-Thieves, Thieves, and Raiders.

Newb-Thieves- These are thieves who just join Loka and steal. They can either evolve into other thieves, or they can become normal players.

Thieves- These are thieves who just steal silently, and try not to get caught.

Raiders- These are thieves who murder, pillage, raid, loot, and cause chaos. They can be called raiders, pirates, or murderers.

Oppan Thief Styles!

Zorosian Thievery

An art of thievery perfected by Zor95, who is now a guardian. Literally it's just "steal crap, kill people who owned the crap."

Nouvellunian Thievery

A form of Zorosian Thievery that involves getting caught up in the drama of the server and ultimately stop thieving for a while.

Bigpizzian Thievery

Steal things illegaly until you get banned.

Gudbrandrian Thievery

Steal things until you get annoyed at the server, burn all your items and quit.

Computernian Thievery

A thief so skilled that he steals his own items and never finds them again.

HC Thievery

A group of thieves that steal large quantities from enemy towns, as a form of "emotional raiding", to cripple or punish the other town.

Trololo - Eduard Khil (Official Video) Эдуард Хиль "Трололо"

Trololo - Eduard Khil (Official Video) Эдуард Хиль "Трололо"

Thieves' Battle Cry