Rejuvenating Isles

The Rejuvenating Isles, contrary to their pleasant sounding title, are terrible islands which are named for their strange regenerative terrain. Slicers seldom journey these isles for very long because they carry a host of awful dangers. One of the only reasons one might take such risks is for the rare and valuable resources each island contains.

Another protection of Rejuvenating Isles is they cannot be used as a /home for players.

The Nether

The Nether island is located to the southwest, just past the waterway between Ascalon and Garama. Its terrain consists mostly of stone and netherrack mountains, with fields of soul sand scattered across the island. At the mountain peaks, one might find a number of dead oak trees which bear no leaves. The primary resource draws of the island is Nether Quartz, which can be found in small veins all over the island, and Glowstone, which hangs in clusters from the ceilings of large cavernous openings in the sides of mountains.

Upon reaching the Nether island, travelers will be faced with numerous threats, including pools of lava and fire that covers many parts of the island. Mobs on the island include Ghasts and Zombie Pigmen. If a visitor to the island is spotted by a Ghast, it will proceed to hurl exploding fireballs as it flies high out of reach. Zombie Pigmen are mostly harmless, but if provoked, a single strike to one Pigman will draw a horde to attack with golden swords.

The End

There is only one way to the End, and it is aboard a mysterious airship with no captain. Upon boarding the airship, travelers are taken to a small dock hanging from the edge of a floating island in a strange and terrifying new dimension. The landscape is barren; the ground consists only of Endstone, and the edges of the island drop into an empty void.

The only draw to this island is the flora. There is only one variety of plant life on the End island, the Chorus Plant. Chorus Plants produce a fruit which can be fired and popped for the creation of unique building materials. The only creatures known to exist on the island are Endermen, tall, black beings which only attack when directly looked upon. Though some travelers tell tales of far away clusters that host sprawling cities of end brick and purpur, hosting creatures that have rather useful shells.

The Resource Isles

The Resource Islands are the most Ore dense areas of Loka and contain caverns of great danger but also great reward players seeking this wealth will have to travel far into the oceans of each continent to find these mysterious pockets of extreme wealth. Though it seems some of the inhabitants wont be so happy to meet you.

Illagers roam the surfaces and depths of these lands and seek to destroy whoever dares step on their land.

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