Resource Isles are Islands found off the coasts of all major continents on Loka. Their primary function is to serve as a place to mine for ores without the burden of territory protection that is otherwise found on the continents. In terms of regeneration, Resource Isles also behave like Rejuvenating Isles in that changes to the island are ephemeral and will roll back over time. it is unwise to attempt to build any base of any kind on a Resource Isle.

Ores and Cave Generation on Resource Isles are heavy and are thus an attractive place to go mining. However, with the reward comes risk as other players generally can be found on the Isles. Further, Illagers spawn throughout the isle in great numbers and provide a greater than usual challenge when traversing the surface of the isles.

Another facet of the Resource Isles is that the ores randomly change location after server restarts. So generally your path will change when looking for specific ores.

Resource Isles also contain the drops and recipes needed to craft Recall Stones.

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