Ronshaud Risewell




Lawful Neutral



Ronshaud Risewell is a man known for his roots within Dellsmite, his kind heartedness, and PvP skills. He has helped with the creation of many towns, including Dellsmite, Citadel, Dhem_Koldur, Blackwater, Freesia, Cardarahi, Citinah, and Avaricebane. He began his journey as a young boy, when he met Steelerfan12345. The older boy took him in, and they became brothers as they travelled Loka together. Jedoi Avalos gave them a place in Dellsmite, and she and Ronshaud have been close ever since. Ronshaud has seen many cities in his travels, and made many friends. Ronshaud is currently a Sentry of Loka and a member of Dragonstone and the Argus Alliance.

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