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King of Woodswork

Rozzok, appears human, and is somehow related to Grubul, however he does not originate from any of the Islands, in fact he came from a far away kingdom under an unnamed ruler. He was one of the first Knights to enter the Abyss and leave alive. However doing so greatly corrupted his soul and turned him into a Demon. upon leaving the abyss he started spreading wild fires from his massive flaming body, his sword he could no longer hold, Entropy fell to his feet and started melting the ground below it, once he was detected a Great being came to recruit him in a Legion of burning demons. From there he began to corrupt worlds and destroy them, he became powerful enough to cause the planet he was currently on to immediately burst into flames. However once entering Loka his power remained dormant and he entered in a human avatar, far away from the legion with no way to contact them.

Rozzok has two sets of known armor he chooses to wear at any time. One being heavily accented in gold with a grill visor close helm and a highly brush suit of red silk, He has only referred to this suit as " Armor of the East " And another suit of armor with a standard fluted close helm and visor featuring fine blue silk with heavy layers of chainmail and blued steel armor pieces known to everyone as a set of custom made Elite Knight Armor, forged of Bradden Steel.

Rozzok has been seen using these weapons with his time spent on the west continent, according to reports they are as follow

Daybreak, Reborn A highly powerful longsword consisting of a smoltering tapered blade with a ring cross guard, every swing forces nearby trees and grass to catch on fire.

Solar Eruption A bow that fires an arrow with a stream of fire following it like like a tracer. It was destroyed by it's own flames.

Calamity's Edge an ornate flame bladed Zweihänder, pulsing ever so slightly like a living heart. Nothing else is known yet.

Hellrender this axe is powerful enough to knock people down and destroy shields in a single blow, it can also cleave someone in half with little effort.

Entropy, the first blade of Rozzok, when Rozzok emerged from the Abyss this sword, much like the owner, returned with a fiery soul. The fire, fueled by his great power, scorched so brightly one would have to turn away as to not get blinded.when it made contact with the barren earth it melted through it with ease, burning a path through the planet. Once it had reached the core the planet was annihilated. In a span of a mere 10 days, a whole planet was no more. Undone by Entropy.


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