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Sandsete is a town located in The Ezbrah Desert of Garama. It is currently being run by McDanky.The town is known for its player lore and architecture.


Sandsete palace completed!


The medieval city of Sandsete (Sand-Seht) has existed for many Lokan generations. Founded by one of the original Slicers, Maha Halete, who was presumed to have gone crazy. She united many of the settlements in The Ezbrah Desert with her religion the Faith of The Holy Kotka. Their previous government, a theocracy, was run by their Sultan/Religious leader. Art, knowledge, and literature were heavily valued in the city alongside religion. Their belief system followed the Ancient Eagle, which they viewed as a symbol of hope, power, and freedom.

In recent years, the city has fallen into unfortunate events. Crime and poverty rose significantly. Not only that, but the general population was also growing frightened of possible outside attacks due to hostile neighbors and weak borders. When all hope seemed lost, the militia arrived. A group of men marched to the city gates and offered an escape to their current situation. Led by Goilard Costa Olivera II, the group gained the popular support of the people with propaganda and false hope. With their new claim to fame, the militia led a coup that overthrew the previous Sultan, a drastic turning point for the city. With the militia in power, the theocracy was no more. In its place, the fascist state of Sandsete was born. In the beginning year of the new reign, an attack against the northern borders began. Known as The Battle of North Wall, it led to devastation for the city. Many lives were lost, but due to the advanced strategies of Olivera, the city was able to push back the raiders until they were gone. In the end, a ghostly ruin of the previous wall remained.

The first act of Goilard was the rebuilding and fortifying of new border walls to strengthen the city. No one was able to get in... or out. Next act as ruling Sultan, all private property was seized by the government. For now, people were still able to run their businesses and live in their homes as per usual. The seize of private property was enacted after the last battle, solely in the case of a potential attack within the city. Here, the military had the right to quarter within homes without any objections.

Next, a raise in taxes on the people was enacted. Sales tax, income tax, rental tax, and much more were heavily increased. The pop up of many one day stalls, tents, and carts became the norm. This helped raise revenue for the government to become a stronger force in the city. However, this created a much larger lower class as a result. It entirely removed the middle class, causing much of the population to become impoverished or even homeless. If this wasn’t bad enough, the government harshly taxed the aristocrats of the city. This led many of them to question the new authority and was promptly arrested. If not imprisoned, they fell into poverty due to the new tax system. The fall of Sandsete was beginning. The Oasis, the farming district of the city, was targeted next. Water supply and farmland were increased by the government, only for them to take a majority of the crops for the city’s military. Any outrage or backlash from the farmers spurred immediate imprisonment. Also, due to the increased water usage for the new farmland, many areas of the city were left barren. Dirty well water or a long trip to another part of the city were people’s only two options. The most controversial abuse of power the government enforced was the banning of religion. In a statement by Goilard, he said, “Religion is the primitive man’s mistress. He should follow the orders of real power, such as his Sultan, rather than that of some Deity or Animal. To move forward as a nation, we need to use logic and reason and throw away the distractions of the past.” With that, all churches and religious temples were either destroyed or seized as storage units for the military. Any person caught practicing religion faced immediate imprisonment. Some bold civilians began writing propaganda against the current government. These people knew that even if they were killed they were bound to return due to the power of the Artifact. Oddly enough, people began to disappear, never to return.

Rumors of what secrets lied deep within Sandsete filled the busy streets. Though the people never knew what happened to the ones who have vanished, they've taken it as a warning sign for anyone who defies the Sultan. Now, as years went on, the Sandsetians (Sand-Seht-Eeans) lost hope of any kind of liberation. However, a growing militia within the city has been secretly expanding over the years, waiting in the shadows. Their names were whispered throughout the streets, flying under the noses of guards and military men. Some call them the rebels, some the saviors. For the people who know who they are, they call them The Blacks Talons. When the time comes, the battle between the government and the rebels will ensue. Will YOU be there for that day?

Written by McDanky
Edited by MsDanky

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