Okay i go kill?
— Sougolabanana when asked what to do about CashmereCats


Sougola spent some weeks as a nomad before joining a upstart town in Ascalon called New Ibbish.Founded by nokiaman and Stampen, New Ibbish was rather new and it was a simple platform on a Lake.

Sougo's history is long, a tale of climbing the ranks from being a normal Citizen until he was finally crowned King of Arvik.

As New Ibbish, grew so did Sougola's influence in the town, and quickly proving himself as a loyal member, he was raised to the rank of Duke.

When New Ibbish began a long and bloody war with Eldritch for control of Ascalon, Sougo proved his PvP skills by slaying many foes in combat. Sougo, sly and smooth as he is, also stole a lot of items from a number of towns, but most of the times without any casualties.

When the first Ascalon Republic was formed, Soug was third in the chain of command earning himself the rank of Lord. Later, when the Ascalon Repuplic fell and the Zephyros alliance rose from its ashes, he was made Sub-Owner of New Ibbish and moved into a huge mansion.

When nokiaman told him he was going to the North to join up with his friend Grubul in Fjer (now Arvik) he was given the offer to become the sole leader of New Ibbish, but Soug followed his old friend to the depths of the Dark Oak forest in the North. In Arvik, Sougola once again proved his worth by aiding in the huge construction of the Wall, the Mine, the Spawn Portal, and the Guild (Town hall).When Grubul left Arvik to go back to Auru, he wanted to name nokiaman as his heir, but both nokiaman and Stampen pointed towards Sougo to be crowned the new King.

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