Soulbound Bag

A Soulbound Bag is a unique way of storing Soulbound Items on Loka. Every player has their own soulbound bag which can be accessed through the in-game command /b. Soulbound items within their bag are unobtainable by any other player on Loka.

Accessing the Soulbound Bag

A player can open their soulbound bag by typing the in game command, /b. A window will appear labeled, Soulbound Bag where players can view all of their Soulbound Items they have collected and gathered.

Soulbound Items

Soulbound Items are the objects players collect around Loka that are permanently attached to them. There are three main type of Soulbound Items; Quest Items, Holiday Items, and Subscriber Items. The full list of soulbound items can be found here.

Removing and Using Soulbound Items

Soulbound Items can be accessed though /b, and a player can take any item out of the soulbound bag at anytime and in any place on Loka. Players can use Holiday Soulbound Items at spawn only and Subscriber SoulBound Items can be used in a players town and at spawn. Quest Soulbound Items can be used anywhere on Loka and are consumed from your inventory or soulbound bag when handed in.

Soulbound Item

Soulbound Items are attached to a player permanently and can not be lost from their bag. Players can not place any soulbound item within a chest or ender chest without the item automatically being placed back within their soulbound bag. Soulbound items can not be placed in any item frame. It is also not possible for a player to drop any of their soulbound items on the ground.

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