Southern Valyria is a town located in the desert of Garama. Founded by PhoenixTails, SigmaFlash and Fatestay, it marks the 5th addition to the Valyrian Dynasty. The town is known for its large group of dominant PvPers. 

Key Events

  • Town is created by founders: PhoenixTails, SigmaFlash and Fatestay.
  • (12th Sep 2020) New War Room Constructed
  • (25th Sep 2020) Destruction of "The Dyke Tank" occurs.
  • (30th Sep 2020) Construction of the Mosque begins
  • (2nd Oct 2020) The Valyrian Mosque is completed
  • (23rd Oct 2020) Building of "Kukles" the dragon finishes.
  • (16th Nov 2020) Construction of MCD Tower is completed.
  • (22nd Nov 2020) Building of the Clock Tower finishes.
  • (10th Jan 2021) Construction of the Southern Valyria Boxing Ring is finished.
Month/Year Garama Capital World Capital


 The Original South Valyria

South Valyria was the first of the two iterations of South Valyria. South Valyria was located within the savannah of Garama. South Valyria is widely considered less successful in comparison to its successor, Southern Valyria. The town was located mostly underground with little builds appearing above ground.

Life Above Ground

The inhabitants of Southern Valyria have always known life underground. This all changed during the Valyrian Renaissance as the lack of PvP caused many players to fight on other continents as they waited for PvP to return. During this period of time the inhabitants of Southern Valyria decided to turn to building to keep themselves entertained. This created the building age where Southern Valyrians made the first effort to create above ground additions to the town.

The Valyrian Renaissance in 2020

Southern Valyria achieved both world capital and Garama capital. Southern Valyria was revitalized after an influx of new players from other servers which prompted the construction of a new war room and above ground builds. At its peak there was close to 175 town members living in Southern Valyria at once. This number of members made Southern Valyria one of the most powerful towns in all of Loka. The success during the year of 2020 has driven most of the opposition away from Garama.

New Year, New Problems

As 2020 came to an end there was a disruption in the usual alliances of Southern Valyria. In January of 2021 Wolf Force was now a foe of Southern Valyria on Balak. This is due to conflicts between a few individuals from each side specifically Lurnn of Southern Valyria and Tqmen of Valador as their Minecraft egos clash. This lead to both Southern Valyria and Wolf Force were recruiting in order to secure their place on Balak. This clash of giants led to the largest fight in Loka history with 155 players in one fight. On January 15, 2021 for Balak 9 against Wolf Force where Southern Valyria defended 84 attackers successfully with 71 defenders.


South Valyria

There are little images of South Valyria available. However, some of the remaining are as follows:

An image of SV1 featuring Mr Feathers Pawn Shop.

The Infamous "Mr. Feathers Pawn Shop", ran by Mr. Feathers, was located in the main room of Valyria. Multiple thefts were reported in the Pawn Shop. After his career as an entrepreneur, Mr. Feathers then went on to run for Valyrian President.

Southern Valyria

Many images of Southern Valyria exist as the town is currently alive and thriving. Some iconic builds are as follows:

Image of the Southern Valyria Mosque.

Image of the Southern Valyria War Room

Image of Kukles the Dragon.

Image of the Industry Fountain.

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