Stat Track Sword

Stat tracking a tool or weapon is a way to keep track of every block broken, swings taken, fish caught, etc. Different stats will be tracked depending on the item that was imbued. The stats are not specific to the individual tool, but are the total stats of any tool you have used that has a stat track charge. For example, if you lost your stat tracked pickaxe and added a charge to a new one, it would have all the same stats as the one you lost.

Tools That Can Hold Stat Tracking

Players can view the tools that can hold stat track charges by typing /profile and clicking on the Orbs icon. This can also be done by speaking to Mereth in the centre of Aladra. Bellow are the current tools that can be stat tracked:

  • Diamond Sword
  • Bow
  • Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Pick Axe
  • Diamond Shovel
  • Diamond Hoe
  • Sheers
  • Fishing Rod

Buying Stat Track Charges

To purchase a stat track charge and apply it to a tool, you must visit the NPC Mereth in the centre of Aladra. Hold the tool in your main hand and right click on Mereth. Mereth will ask you to confirm the tool choice along with the Orb cost with a prompt in chat. Once confirmed, the stat track charge will be applied to the tool. All stat track chargers cost 100 Orbs.

Editing Stat Tracking

Players are able to customise their stat tracking tool by choosing which stats are displayed. Each tool can display as many or as few stats as you wish.

Editing can be done either through /profile or through Mereth, the NPC at spawn. Players need to click on Mereth at spawn to get the prompt in chat where they can view tools to edit. A player may also just type /profile and click on the orbs icon anywhere on Loka. Stat tracking is under the prismarine shard icon and this will open the menu to edit tools.

Stat track

Once in the Stat Tracking Tools menu, a player may click on any one of the tools to edit the visibility of any stats.

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