Stromgarde was settled by koi0001, Volpex and TheSmilingFlea. The goal of this town was originally to build an dwarven themed town originally having no loyalty to town, alliance or person.

Brief History

Early Stromgarde

Stromgarde was settled in the Ice Mountains of Kalros in 25th of May, 2017. After its creation it began work on creating an presence, the original plan was to create a Trade Town which would be neutral towards all. However, the town quickly fell under the fear that they would need to defend their land from Iblis (the largest alliance in Kalros at the time). In order to protect themselves from a war which may occur Stromgarde enlisted the help of early Horsia, with koi providing pots, sets and an chance to participate in conquest.

Transferal of Leadership

As time went on Stromgarde became dull and lifeless, there was no recruitment, war or need to log on. Resources were managed and all other towns were on friendly terms with the town; this created boredom in the lives of the players and they began to look for new start up towns, from this the town was left to die by its original owners.

Later Leadership of Stromgarde

After koi had left stromgarde with the intention of leaving it to die a new player emerged, new to the server he was interested in owning a town and participating in conquest. With the new leadership under Archersquid many new players were drawn towards the town (Teyuh and inapplicable). With the town now restablished as town primarily in the area of PVP and conquets it was only a matter of time until they set about invading Iblis and other alliances/town.

Later part of Stromgarde

With their alliance of freshly recruited towns and pvpers they were able to overpower Iblis with numbers and strength. However, this didn't last, Iblis recruited and many members of Stromgarde's town and alliance grew bored of the state of conquest and moved to other continents with hopes of new horizons. Shortly after this Iblis was able to reestablish themselves as the dominate alliance in Kalros.

End Times of Stromgarde

Long after Iblis regained Capital of Kalros Stromgarde offically fell due to inactive players.