"Not everyone fears the darkness, just those that dwell in it."

-Tee Alduin

Tee Alduin, also known as the Young Wizard and the Chronicler, is a Lokan hero, Guardian, and the Fifth and Current High King of Auru. Well known for his kindness and charisma, Tee is one of the few players to have little to no personal enemies. His story can be followed through his personally authored work, Gain His Trust.

Upon joining Loka on December 8th, 2016, he was stuck in the Intro Course, and while waiting to be fixed, befriended Jedoi. The two talked for awhile, and she began teaching him about Loka's history and lore. Once he was fixed, he asked to join the town she lived in, Auru. Then led by High King Xovious, Auru was still a bustling city when the Young Wizard joined. He quickly learned the ropes and climbed the ranks, becoming a Citizen and Knight within weeks, and joining the Historian's Guild, the Architect's Guild, and the leaderless Alchemists Guild, which he become the Guildmaster of. Only a few weeks later, he was named one of the five Lords of Auru, and upon Xovious' departure to Ascalon and Jedoi's rise to High King, Tee was named a King and Jedoi's right hand man.

The two grew close during this time, and despite the wizard's relative inexperience, he proved to be an excellent adviser. There was a war going on at this time, and Tee found himself supplying not only Auru but much of their alliance, Asmund, with potions and other alchemical advantages. More than once, he led Alliance Meetings on Jedoi's behalf.

After awhile, Tee and Jedoi become more than a king and her adviser, or even best friends, but lovers. Tee soon proposed, and later married her atop the Spire. Eventually they would have three sons together, Zepheses, Thanius, and Kaph. After their marriage, Jedoi bestowed the title of High King upon him, taking High Queen for herself, so the two could rule Auru as equals.

During this time, he also became a Lokan Sentry, and later even a Guardian.

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