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Territories are the hexagonal shapes that can easily be viewed on the Loka Map (also accessible via /map command in-game). When viewing a territory on the map there are several Icons you should pay attention to.

Note the hexagonal shapes, they represent the territory boundaries


  • Home Icon
    This icon represents a town's home territory. Located within is a defended TGen that claims it as a town. Towns cannot be directly attacked
  • Territory Icon
    This is a Claimed territory Icon, this means that a town has completed a Conquest Battle and has won the rights to this territory through the actions of conquest. When hovered over, it will annotate who owns the territory and who does not.
  • Bountiful Icon
    This icon represents a Bountiful Territory.

Territories Host access to resources based on the region they are a part of. For example, owning territory in the Ascalon Mushroom Island may grant you access to gather Brown Mushrooms.

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