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Cryptite fire-balling the Obelisk

It appeared one night on Loka after the Artifact showed signs of a disturbance. People everywhere felt a chill, and many heard explosions. Nearing the Obelisk often causes a feeling of uneasiness.

First Stage

When the Obelisk originally arrived on Loka it was made of stone brick and bedrock. The land around it was damaged, as if it fell from the sky and nearby underground there was a room with heads in it. There was a beacon, but a mycelium and an endstone portal frame were blocking it. In an attempt to break the mycelium, Psychedelic98 tried to shoot tnt at it, but the obelisk repelled the tnt. When this failed, Cryptite began to fireball it with his ghast sword. During this time Freyjia appeared and warned him but he continued. 

Second Stage

Shortly after this everything went black for all that were nearby. When they awoke they bedrock had turned to Mycelium. From then the Blight spread outwards and has also turned up in many towns of Loka.