Once upon a time, in the world we called The Artifact, there were two towns. The_Box and Gaia's Cradle . These two were binary opposites, the former being almost inpenetrable, a fortress with walls of water, all wrapped up in a box.

The latter was a haven for new players, accepting anybody and everybody, and being completely insecure for that reason.

These two towns were coincidentally extremely close to one another, and so shared a rivalship which was to be expected.

We Waited - A Personal Account by thelineguy. 

Staring from the small window of my house, I looked, wistfully out onto the sea. A beautiful sea disrupted by its presence. Ignoring the usual business from outside, scam traders, mercenaries and everything in-between, I allowed my gaze to drop onto it. 

The Box.

I've been inside it. A military fortress, its bland outside inversed unto its decorated inside. They had left no limits on this build, great structures made out of gold and lapis, though the great interior was occupied by only a select few.

I heaved a heavy sigh, knowing what was to come. Tension had been building between both the towns for weeks, rumours floating around of a possible war. 

Rumours that were confirmed.

One day, as I woke to begin my daily routine of hunting and scouting for the good of our city, I noticed a disturbance in the town centre, as if the entire town had gathered. Pulling on my robes, I walked onto my balcony. A rare sight, as most of the houses in the area were damaged or cheap, unsightly so. I made sure to defend mine, unlike others, though.

Looking down, I saw the founder and leader of our town, mopb3 looking out at the croud, on a platform in front of our central noticeboard. With a grim stare, he stated:

"All citizens are to be on alert. Martial Law is now in effect, and all citizens of this city are expected to defend it in cases of possible attacks."

Though I knew the answer, I called out as he retreated into the town hall:

"Against who?"

"The Box."

Months passed, and it never came. The Martial Law seemed to have a positive effect on the town, though. There were significantly less attempts at robbery and destruction during this period. As I usually did, I had been scouting the area on a daily routine, though to no effect. I had come into small conflicts with scouts of The Box, but nothing that I couldn't dispatch of easily.

It was a shame.