Town Mastery

Once you join a town, everything you do is tracked by Loka's Mastery System. From building to mining, farming to enchanting, and much more. Taking part in Loka's PvP Systems counts too. Almost everything you do counts towards one of your towns mastery levels.

Each mastery contributes to your towns overall level, and as your town levels up you earn perks.

Mastery Levelling

There are currently 15 different masteries you can level. Each can reach a maximum level of 100 and are split into 4 categories, Gathering, Artisan, Combat, and Miscellaneous. To view your towns mastery levels in game simply type /g level. As well as increasing your towns total level each mastery also unlocks a special industry buildings for your town. To unlock the industries you must reach level 20 in any gathering mastery and level 40 in any artisan mastery. To find out more about industries click here.

Mining Gathering stone, ores and various other blocks that require a pickaxe.
Excavation Digging and excavating common ground blocks that require a shovel.
Logging Felling trees and giant mushrooms. Gathering vines and leaves.
Farming Harvesting crops, catching fish, and slaughtering animals.
Blacksmithing Forging tools, weapons and armour. Smelting Ores.
Enchanting Adding Enchantments to tools, weapons and armour.
Alchemy Brewing potions.
Cooking Cooking meats and fish. Baking and crafting other foods.
Engineering Crafting rail, redstone based items, and other utility blocks.
Construction Crafting basic building materials such as stairs, slabs and glass.
PvE Slaying monsters throughout survival Loka.
World PvP Killing players throughout survival Loka.
Arenas Fighting in Loka's ranked arena PvP system.
Battlegrounds Participating in Loka's battlegrounds.
Building Placing blocks!

Town Level

Your towns overall level is a combination of all of your masteries. It is calculated by finding the average level of all 15 masteries and dividing that by 2. The maximum level a town can reach is capped at 25. Your towns level can be viewed with /g info, which shows all the general info about your town. Alternatively with /g level, which has the added benefit of showing you how close you are to reaching the next town level.

Town Perks

As your town levels up through the contribution of your members, it unlocks perks that make life easier in and out of town. To view the town perks you have unlocked in game type /g perks.

Level Name Description
2 Experienced I Experience gained by town members is increased by 10%
3 Health I Passive regeneration that grants an extra half heart.
4 Well Fed I Town members lose hunger 25% slower while in town.
5 Becoming a Village Town owners can now create zones for owners/sub-owners.
6 Alliance Worthy Your town may now create and join Alliances.
7 Protected I You now take 50% less damage from monsters while in town.
8 Combat Ready I Town members receive 10% extra prowess.
9 Miner's fervour While in town, you gain haste I
10 Becoming a Town Towns owners can create zones for level 1 and 2 members.
11 Experienced II Experience gained by town members is increased by 25%
12 Healthy II Passive regeneration grants an extra full heart.
13 Well Fed II Town members lose hunger 50% slower while in town.
14 Combat Ready II Town members receive 25% extra prowess.
15 Becoming a City Town owners can now create zones for level 3 members.
16 Improved Infrastructure I Roads built with a layer of cobblestone beneath will grant speed I in town.
17 Protected II Your town may now toggle monster spawning within the town.
18 Experienced III Experience gained by town members is increased by 50%
19 Light on Their Feet Town members take no fall damage while in town.
20 Becoming a Metropolis Town owners can now create zones for level 4 (Lords) members.
21 Fully Fed Town members lose no hunger while in town.
22 Pearlescent Ender pearls thrown in town are not consumed.
23 Town Chest Town members can now summon a town chest.
24 To Infinity and Beyond Fireworks used in town are not consumed for flying.
25 Intra-Town Portals Allows for additional portals within a town to teleport between two points
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