2012-07-17 11.58.18

Night view of the Umbra jungle.

Umbra City was a project started by Zor95 in June of 2012. It began from the desire to leave his old town (more of a base really) Fort Ember and begin anew. After over a month of planning in creative mode construction began in late July. The city theme was planned to be a mix between dwarf and mayan and the majority of it was to be built under a jungle. There were also plans to build tree houses on the surface, perhaps as temporary living quarters during the initial excavation or as permanent, alternative housing.

The tree houses were constructed by Artagan in late October and a a vast entrance chamber was excavated by Zor95. Unfortunately the project had to be abandoned when the first 1.5 snapshot was released due to the realization that it would not be compatible with any of the upcoming changes. Umbra may still have hope as a mining quarry, but it will never become the majestic city that was first imagined.

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