Founded by:



Queen Castalina, King Sparky, King Zrxes



Valinor was founded in the Clay Cliffs of Ascalon by Zor as a town originally called Ouroboros. The High Elves,who would come to inhabit Valinor, led by Castalina, were living in the Mushroom Isle in a town called Eldamar. Their presence was allowed by Zor, who controlled the surrounding territory. Eventually, Zor and Castalina agreed to merge their two towns at the location Zor had settled. This is what marks the beginning of Valinor's history, though it would be some time before the name would come
Early Valinor

Early History


Valinor's construction began in earnest under the direction of its Royal Architect, msittig. The building of its central district, including portions of the market, Castle Valinor, and several residences was quickly finished to allow for Valinor to grow. In addition, a wall was erected to keep outsiders from raiding the town during its early stages. This wall still stands today at the base of the cliffs.

Castle Valinor

The castle, which is an edited schematic of a build available online, was constructed by Zrxes, who was Prince at the time. The Castle housed a meeting room for the Council of Valinor, the monarch's residences, including rooms for guests and relatives, and a dungeon for prisoners. Plans were made to include servant's quarters and kitchens, but were ultimately never realized.

The Royal Architect

Again, under msittig's direction, Valinor would attempt to become a center of lore and learning via several early builds. First, his observatory which still sits atop the Clay Cliffs. Second, the Royal Library adjacent to Castle Valinor, and lastly, the Academy adjacent to the Observatory.


Valinor found itself in a precarious situation both across Loka and as a result of its physical location in Ascalon. Originally, the town Zor founded, Ouroboros was established through a land grant by the Covenant, in order to secure Eldritch's western border. Once the High Elves arrived and moved in, a new arrangement had to be made with the Covenant alliance in order to ensure that the status quo would not be changed. As a result, the Covenant and Valinor entered into an agreement whereby the neutrality of Valinor would be respected so long as Valinor agreed to defend Ascalon from any beach head attack. This arrangement dictated the entirety of Valinor's history leading up to the Utumno War.