We generally try to keep things somewhat close to Vanilla Minecraft in terms of gameplay mechanics and features. However, to achieve the type of systems on Loka that we desire, we frequently change the way the game works. Listed below are all of the tweaks/changes to your normal Vanilla Minecraft experience that you'll find on Loka:

33% Extra PvP Damage

  • All PvP Damage on the server is increased by 33% to combat the "slowness of 1.9+ PvP"

Ender Pearl Cooldown

  • On Loka, the Ender Pearl Cooldown is 12 seconds. In town or spawn, it has a vanilla cooldown.

Hopper Timings

  • Hoppers transfer items at 50% speed from vanilla in order to preserve resources for server performance.

Ender Pearl/Chorus Fruit Teleportation

  • In Foreign Towns (any town that is not your own), you cannot throw/consume these to teleport around.

Covered Chests

  • Blocks over chests do not prevent them from opening.

TnT Limitations

  • Any TnT that explodes inside of Town Protection, that wasn't primed in the Town (cannons, etc) won't explode.

Item Despawning (for Raiding)

  • Items dropped in towns by outsiders (non-members of that town) will instead be sent to that town's escrow, rather than be simply lost.

Obtaining Elytras

  • Elytras are not found in End City chests. They can only be obtained by killing the Ender Dragon.

Picking up Items through blocks

  • You cannot pickup items through blocks. For example, picking up items through glass panes, through closed/locked doors, etc.

Block-Glitch Access

  • You cannot access containers (blocks with inventories) unrealistically. The prime example of this is breaking a block so that you can momentarily right-click the chest block to open it while the server is cancelling the block break event.

Picking up items through blocks

  • Custom Line-of-Sight checks are done when picking up items on the ground. You cannot pick up items "through blocks" like in vanilla MC. This is done to prevent picking up items through blocks/windows during raiding, which also preserves the ability for towns to be able to build freely without sacrificing security to vanilla Minecraft mechanics.
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