World Map of Loka

World Map

The world map of loka is massive and completely custom made. It contains biomes of every shape and sort from barren wastelands, to dense jungle, to rolling plains, to snowy mountains. No matter what it is you wish to find on Loka, rest assured the environment exist and is just waiting to be explored.

As of now the World Map is made up of three continents Kalros, Ascalon, and Garama. For more information on them: > Click Here <

Viewing the World Map

The world map of Loka can be found > Here < on the Loka website. Using the world mpa is rather straigt forward. Simply click the continent you wish to view in more detail. You should be met with a close view of the continent you clicked on split up into colorful hex based regions. These are all territories where players can start towns. They can also be claimed as territory by towns to hold in addition to their town. for more information on claiming them and Conquest in general: > Click Here <


A view of the continent Kalros, split into its territories.

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