World zone names are made up of two words, the first describing the Regeneration zone type and the second the PvP zone type. Regen zone names are adjectives at the start of the region zone name. They describe whether you can break blocks, if blocks drop items once broken and if the area will regenerate after you make changes. PvP zone names describe the various states of PvP, and what you lose on death. The same tile/territory can appear as a different zone name/type for different players, based on territory ownership, alignments, whether you are in a town etc.

World zone names will appear on a players action bar when they enter a new zone. It will also always be available at the bottom of tab.

Regeneration Zone Types

Zone Name

Can you

Break Blocks?

Will Blocks Drop Items? Will Block Edits Regenerate?
Enduring Some[1]
Replenishing Some[2]
Eternal n/a
  1. Valuable blocks will drop
  2. Only replenishing resources will regen

PvP Zone Types

Zone Name


Do you Drop

Items on Death?

'Green' Wilderness
'Red' Wilderness

The following Zones exist on Loka

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